A live-action teaser trailer has been released for Hifumi Kono’s upcoming, spiritual successor to the Clock Tower games.

The game formerly known as Project Scissors has now been given an official name, Night Cry, and the live-action teaser that you can see below has been directed by Japanese horror director Takashi Shimizu.

Joining Kono and Shimuzu on the credits for Night Cry are Pyramid Head creator Mashiro Ito and composer Nobuko Toda. It is said that as well as being in development for the PlayStation Vita, there are iOS and Android versions also in the works while release on other platforms is being considered.

Check out the trailer below and, as always, be sure to check The Vita Lounge for new info on Night Cry as and when we have it!

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  • Pyro_HS8

    So good! This year will be fantastic in survival horror games for ps vita:

    1. Night Cry
    2. Kodoku
    3. Resident Evil Revelations 2

  • Nobodyouknow3

    No wonder the vita is failing….

  • Sebastian

    I’m really hoping it was made for Vita first and foremost…with the big names behind it (Mashiro Ito!!!) and the fact it had a project code name (“Project Scissors”) AND this nice trailer…it just has to be a legit game and not some shovelware/mobile game. Right…?

  • aros

    When you see ios and android in the release platforms my interest immediately bottoms out. If you MUST release on mobile, design for console and port a gimped, IAP riddled version to mobile 6 months down the line. I don’t want games designed for mobile on console.

    Ps can you find out if VVVVVV is still coming to Vita please TVL? More stories giving status updates of games would be HIGHLY appreciated, even if it’s in a separate section. I have sent you several news tips of this kind on Twitter but none have been published sadly.