Square Enix and SaGa series creator Akitoshi Kawazu are presently working on the latest entry to the SaGa series – currently fitted with the placeholder title “SaGa 2015” – for the PlayStation Vita.

Kawazu recently tweeted some details about the game’s battle system, such as this little gem;

“SaGa 2015 will have all kinds of battle elements. I believe that elements that were used in SaGa such as ‘battle formation,’ ‘cooperation,’ and ‘flash’ will not be a point of focus this time around.”

As well as this;

“As long as it’s new and fun, I believe anything can be added to the game.. However, the ‘new’ part is what is difficult.”

His reference to ‘flash’ was regarding what was done in Romancing SaGas – a system which allowed party members to learn new abilities in the middle of a battle. With this in mind, we may in fact end up with a better battle system as I did not like SaGa’s battle system for a long time.

By the way, what is being said here doesn’t mean that these features won’t be in SaGa 2015, but that they won’t be the main focus of the game. Going by Kawazu’s tweet, he’s looking to add new elements to the game to spice it up. He also recently mentioned that SaGa 2015 will have more than one protagonist among other tidbits, but so far it seems like we could end up with a game that is quite different from past games of the series as far as battles go (which I do like).

If you’re not familiar with the SaGa series, I do suggest you check it out for yourself. They are quite fun, and a hard play – you can expect to get frustrated quite often.

SaGa 2015 is in development for PlayStation Vita and a release date has not been set as of yet. Keep reading here for more information!

  • Phelan

    Huh… why fix things which are not broken?

    I just hope they won’t turn it into another hack&slasher. Getting something like Bravely Default would be great…

    Huh… most probably they decided to make this game only because of The Legend of Legacy which aspired to take over the legacy of SaGa series right before SE nose. I mean… look Legend of Legacy is made by Furyuu which has many ex SE employees.

    Tomomi Kobatashi – she is ex artist of Romancing Saga (and SaGa 2015 is supposed to be more of a romancing saga that’s not coincidence of fate)
    Kyoji Koizumi – another person behind Romacing SaGa (game designer)
    Ryo Hirao – another ex SE employee (character designer who worked on FF XII – that’s why characters gives similar vibes)
    Misakao Tsutsui – another veteran of SE who worked on FF IX and Tactics
    Masayo Asano – yet another veteran of SE, he was main field designer for FF X and he worked on events for Romancing SaGa
    Yuichiro Kojima – monster designer from FF IX and FF X
    Ryoji Shimogama – worked on Parasite Eve 2
    Masashi Hamauzu – assistant of Nobuo Uematsu, worked on music since FF X
    Kenichi Saito – sound editor of Romancing Saga, Kingdom Hearts and FF X
    Masato Kato – wrote Chrono Cross, Xenogears, FF VII
    Emiko Shiratori – she was singer for Melodies of Life in FF IX, now she will be narrator

    Even right now you can read all over the internet how The Legend of Legacy is the right successor of SaGa. And they are right! The Legend of Legacy is another SaGA, it is true sequel not the game made by SE. I mean take a look at all those people who are working on it.

    The same thing happened already with few series… anyone remember Xenogears and how it evolved later on to Xenosaga? Now Xenosaga is the biggest title coming to Wii U. And again… it was made by ex employees of SE.

    The same thing would happen with Final Fantasy if only Sakaguchi-san decided to release Lost Odyssey on either Nintendo or Sony instead of Microsoft platform. I mean that game is pretty much the true FF XII.

    And there are more cases like this.

    I don’t know whether SaGa 2015 will end up being decent game. Atm it seems like it is created only to show people that SaGa belongs to SE. But you know what? From what I’ve seen I’d rather receive The Legend of Legacy on Vita instead.


    • XtemmA2

      Not a good game? Don’t buy it. That simple. There are plenty of other good games.
      You want your own ideal game? Make it yourself. 🙂

      • Phelan

        … you are missing the point. Did you even read what I said?

        • XtemmA2

          Nope. You’re not a game reviewer, so i won’t read it.

          • Phelan

            Ahh makes sense… Let’s talk about the weather instead it will have as much sense as commenting like an idiot something which you didn’t even bother to read.

            Geez guys, it’s not like you have to comment every reply there is.

            Huh… why am I even wasting time on you? Seems your stupidity is contagious, I better start ignoring you.

          • XtemmA2

            Hey, hey, sorry for pulling your legs. 🙂 I do that sometimes. I understand your frustration when a sequel to a franchise is no longer developed by the original creator. I know how much i moaned when i first saw Star Wars Ep.7 trailer. It was almost like a good quality FAN MADE trailer! But, it will still be a Star Wars sequel.

          • Phelan

            But that’s the case… I never said anything like that.

            I didn’t say that game will end up being bad, how can I know that? We didn’t even see a single screenshot. I just said that the reason they are releasing this game is so as not to lose another great series just like they did with Xenogears. To me as a gamer it seems like a very lame reason to make games. Look they are even going for game more of a style of Romancing SaGa… and suprise suprise… so does Furyuu.

            And it is developed by Kawazu just like previous parts… though all important people who worked for him just went to Furyuu

            The Legend of Legacy seems right now as a true successor, look it even has that “flash” system (though it has different name now). Changing the game and removing things which were great in previous parts seems like a weird idea.

            And about SW… not really, seems that it will be just another movie but with SW title.

    • Kuroneko

      I, for one, welcome a new SaGa game.

      • Phelan

        Do any of you actually read what people say?