Three modes have been detailed for the upcoming Yuna Yuki is a Hero: Memory of the Forest’s release in Japan which has been given by FuRyu. You can play in a Story Mode, Mission Mode, and an Appreciation Mode.

Yuna Yuki is a Hero: Memory of the Forest will consist of three game modes.  It is set between episodes three and four of the TV anime series (which was okay to me), which will take place between transfer student Karin Miyoshi’s initial appearance and the fight against The Vertex at the beginning. You’ll start by selecting your favorite hero to play as and proceed to go through the motions in “Story Mode” and “Mission Mode.”

In the Story Mode you will advance by fighting in the forest. The Valgo Vortex, having been defeated in the anime’s timeline, will rise up again and a mysterious new girl will also unexpectedly show up in the forest, as only the heroes are supposed to be able to inhabit the forest. At the end of each chapter, you’ll then face off against a powerful Vertex enemy.


In Mission Mode, you can do timed attacks and combo trials, as well as challenge missions with various goals being set. Newer missions will appear as you advance through the Story Mode, and clearing them will add new events to see for yourself.

Finally, here’s the details about the  “Appreciation Mode.” In this mode, you’ll be able to view 80 different events depicting the heroes’ everyday lives. You’ll see the girls in seasonal clothing, and everyday clothing expressing themselves in ways not seen in the anime.  A bingo mini-game is also built into this mode, whereby clearing boards unlocks perks in the main game such as higher combo string limits and stat boosts

FuRyu also got more detailed on the game’s limited edition. It includes a drama CD featuring a more comical side of the  heroes, a special booklet featuring game art, illustrations, and cast comments, a poster, smartphone stickers, a changeable case cover, and a special box art.

Yuna Yuki is a Hero: Memory of the Forest is due out for PS Vita in Japan on February 26th.

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