New details emerge regarding the heroines set to appear in the game, the returning traps, the updated quest mode, the return of Blood Ties’ story mode, Deception Studio and even a new combat feature.

Koei Tecmo’s upcoming Deception IV expansion title has a few new tricks up its sleeve – but its also got some old ones as well. Looking at the heroines and traps from the past games, it looks like a lot of them will be returning in one form or another in Another Princess.

Deception-IV-Scan_2015_01-06-15Confirmed returning are heroines Millenia (from Kagero: Deception II), Reina (Deception III: Dark Delusion), and Allura (Trapt) – the lot of them appearing as opponents in the game’s Quest Mode. Also confirmed to be returning from previous titles are traps such as the Suezo, Genocide Eye, and more.

With regard to story mode, that’s returning as well – pulled from Blood Ties as a secondary mode to Another Princess’ main Quest Mode.

Moving onto the new however, it looks like the game is set to contain a new feature called the “Deception Studio”. This new mode will let you edit characters and missions, allowing you the freedom to piece together parts to create your own rivals and the freedom of placement to create your own unique missions.

Also new is the ability for the protagonist to directly attack enemies on the field, allowing you to do such things as kicking enemies into traps, stomping enemies on the ground, and more.

Deception IV: Another Princess is set to release March 26th in Japan, with no word yet on a Western release.

  • Nonscpo

    Yay and I still havent played the first one!

  • XtemmA2

    <3 Deception games

  • italodance

    Didn’t get the first one but I will grab this for my lovely Koei Tecmo 🙂