Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart will launch for the PS Vita in North America territories  on February 24th at retail and digital, and in Europe on February 27th at retail and March 4th digitally, Idea Factory International announced finally.

Along with this came a new set of screenshots from the strategy RPG showing off the game’s main hub, which includes the “Sim Noire” mode in which players can buy and upgrade furniture, as well as unlock new scenes between your character and Noire.

  • Lester Paredes

    I sure hope it’s good. It’s got some stiff competition from my favorite PSP strategy games: Jenny d’Arc, Final Fantasy Tactics, Valkyria Chronicles 2, and Tactics Ogre.

    • Sebastian

      All those games are why I got a PSP! I’m partial to Gungnir, however. The art alone in that one makes it a joy for me to play.

      This particular game…I can’t get past the chibi characters…

      • Kuroneko

        I’m a fan of chibi stuff myself. I may pick this up later down the road this year but I’m unsure when we’re gonna post a review of this game.

        • Lester Paredes

          Yeah, these games are usually quite meaty affairs… You’d have to devote a lot of time.

      • Lester Paredes

        I’ve always wanted to try Gungnir. Its art style tempts me so. I don’t mind chibi characters. I mean, I’d prefer realistic characters, but a lot of tactical games utilize the chibi forms.

    • Ichigo Yoite

      I’ve heard about Jeanne d’Arc quite often. I think I’ll have to pick that one up O_O if Hyperdevotion can keep up with the totally overkilling attacks from Disgaea I’m in!

  • Konohana Lucia

    This is the only reason why i want this year’s febuary