We’ll get a much better game thanks to the failure of a crowd sourcing attempt, so that’s a good thing!

Suppressive Fire games launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new game called Blood Alloy back in September 2013, a game in which you’d play as a cyborg character named Nia Rhys hacking and slashing through enemies.

Due to various circumstances, the games Kickstarter failed, however, looking back on the failure of the Kickstarter with Siliconera, the games designer, Frank Washburn said the following; ‘we had enough success and enthusiasm that we felt that we were actually onto something, but it failing forced us to really examine all of its faults, and take it back to the drawing board.’


Thanks to going back to the drawing board, a lot of the games art and gameplay elements were improved and the game is now being reworked as Blood Alloy: Reborn, which is set to release on Vita sometime in 2015.

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