Mind-splitting action puzzler will also launch on PS4.

The PS Vita is filled with a host of clever, fun and addictive little puzzle games, and recent NYU Game Centre MFA graduate Zeke Virant will be bringing his twist to the genre onto Vita this summer.

Soft Body’s main aim is to test the players ability to split their mind. Both joysticks are assigned a different “body”, named Soft and GhostSoft can paint walls, whereas Ghost pushes a ball along a track. You will need to really focus your mind to complete each level by completing different objective.

The official website describes the game as:

“An action-puzzle game set in a meditative, musical world where players control two similar characters at the same time. This challenging mechanic provides the unique experience of learning how to split one’s mind like simultaneously singing and playing an instrument.”

Check out the debut trailer below:

On PS Vita, we have a whole selection of great puzzle games. Thomas was alone, The Swapper and Machinarium are all great examples, and we wait and see how Soft Body will do in such a crowded space. But if the music and graphical design are anything to go by, it could certainly be one to watch this Summer. Let us know your thoughts on Soft Body in the comments below!

  • aros

    I want Puyo Puyo Tetris More than anything.