Starlight Inception successor headed to Vita in 2015.

Developer Escape Hatch Entertainment are currently finishing up on the development of Starlight Inception, but that hasn’t stopped them confirming that their next project, Starlight Tactics, will be headed to PlayStation Vita, check out the teaser trailer below.

Starlight Inception received a 2.5/5 in our review, with Brad stating; ‘Starlight Inception is a good space combat game that is often held back by a number of annoying bugs. The first update was able to correct a number of the game’s flaws, but it didn’t go far enough to fix them all. The game has the potential to be something special and amazing, but right now it can be too frustrating to play.’

Let us know if you’re looking forward to this in, or if like Brad, you were burnt by Starlight Inception in the comments below.

  • Buckybuckster

    Starlight TATICS….sounds like it will be some sort of strategy type game.
    Did Inception ever get any other patches to fix the issues not addressed by the first one? I wanted to get this game but feared that having so many bugs would detract from the experience.

    • MG7317

      There have been one or two more patches, one quite recently I think. I didn’t find the core gameplay to be interesting at all unfortunately, so I uninstalled the game long ago.

      • aros

        It’s also the largest PSVita game so I had to delete to save space.

    • vongruetz .

      There’s still a lot going on with Inception. There is another patch in the works which will fix some issues as well as add PSTV support. They are also working on a PS3 version, which should be out soon, and it will be cross-buy. In addition to that, they’re also working on a PS4 version which should also be available in the cross-buy offer.
      I also seem to remember seeing that the new build of the game for the Vita is going to be a huge overhaul that will drastically reduce the size of the game. Hopefully they can get everything fixed. I really love this game when it works, but the problem is there are too many times when it just doesn’t work.

  • aros

    I’ll be waiting for reviews. Could be interesting if they aren’t too ambitious for their skill level this time.