A whole host of Samurai Warriors 4-II-related items were announced by Koei Tecmo at a press event in Japan.

First up, we learnt that ‘Super Sexy DLC’ is coming for the women military commanders that are in the game. The director of Samurai Warriors 4-II, Osamu Saegusa, has said that the costumes were the idea of Hisashi Koinuma – the game’s producer. When Koinuma heard about this his response was ‘Don’t say more than necessary!’.


At the event it was also announced that a Samurai Warriors stage play is set to launch in May. Debuting at Theatre 1010 in Adachi, Tokyo, Polygon Magic is producing the play while Kotaro Yoshitani handles the screenplay. The “Stage Version of Samurai Warriors Production Committee” is organizing the event.


Last up, it was announced that Wagakki Band will be performing Samurai Warriors 4-II‘s theme song ‘Ikusa’. A DVD (costing 1,620 yen) and a Blu-ray (costing 1,950 yen) titled ‘Ikusa/Nadeshiki Sakura’ will be released on February 25th. This will include the music video and a DLC code for a weapom called ‘Enshen Suzuhana’ – which is a Japanese hand fan for Ishida Mitsunari. When this weapon is equipped the theme song ‘Ikusa’ will play.

Due to release in Japan on February 11th, be sure to check The Vita Lounge regularly for all the news you will need for Samurai Warriors 4-II.

  • Lester Paredes

    Sexy. Unnecessary, but sexy.

  • SarcasticPersona

    Welp… Time to start playing Samurai Warriors.