Famitsu this week has brand new details on Senran Kagura: Estival Versus‘ Dressing Room and costume destruction.

Costumes from Shinovi Versus will make a reppearance with updates in Estival Versus, alongside many new summer-like costumes. You can take a picture of up to five characters together in your favorite costumes and poses, too. And in addition to “rub” and “tear,” “whisk,” “pinch,” and “pull” interference actions have also been added.

It appears costume destruction has further evolved. As you battle, your character’s clothes will tear little by little, and now it’s possible to destroy your costume entirely with a “Purupuru Finish.” There is no icon to hide the character’s chest this time, but rather a mysterious light that appears instead.

Purupuru Finishes are invoked under specific conditions, and will let you enjoy various situations such as slipping on soap, crashing into an octopus trap, or getting caught in a cherry tree.


  • Nonscpo

    Hooray for fan-service! =D

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