Could the games launch in Australia be jeopardised?

Hotline Miami 2 is set to launch real soon, and with it’s impending launch the game is currently going through certification with various classification boards throughout the regions it’s set to launch in, but the Australian classification board have now refused to give the game a rating.

Without a rating from the Australian classification board, it is illegal for the game to be sold in Australian territories, but why is the game being refused classification?

The answer lies within a scene in the game where it is implied that a character is raped, which, as many can imagine, is a touchy subject within any form of media. Not only is this scene likely to be the cause of the refusal but the game is also ultra violent, as you play as a character who essentially is mass murderer.


At present, the only thing that the developer can do is censor this scene for the Australian version of the game or remove the scene from the game entirely, but at the time of writing the developer has yet to speak as to what is going to happen with the game.

For any further information on Hotline Miami 2 and it’s current struggle with the Australian classification board, make sure you stay tuned to The Vita Lounge.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    Rape is worse than mass murder?, Can we just leave to Mars already?

  • Nonscpo

    Hooray for censorship!

  • Buckybuckster

    You really have to give it up to Aussie gamers. They have to put up with some of the highest game prices in the world and a ratings board who’s members are equally as high (but in a slightly different way if you get what I’m sayin’)!

  • Trejkaz

    So now _implied_ rape is enough reason to refuse classification? It used to be that there had to be a graphic depiction of the rape itself to get refused.