Comcept and Inti Creates released a trio of screenshots this week that show us an updated Mighty No.7 stage from upcoming title Mighty No. 9.


Comcept say that Beck will need to manoeuvre past speeding vehicles on a rain-slicked highway until he reaches No.7, whom he’ll face off against. In the ensuing battle No.7 will, unconventionally, attack the area ahead of you rather than attacking Beck himself.

With no confirmed release date for the Mighty No.9 as of yet, be sure to keep your eyes on TVL as we will be sure to bring you news as and when we hear it.

For now though, check out the images on this page and let us know what you think below!

  • Lester Paredes

    The art style is disappointing, but hopefully the game is fun.

    • Ian

      I’ve had the opportunity to play the PC version a bit (I backed the game so I’ve got access to the Beta) and the gameplay is pretty damn addictive and on point as a successor to the Mega Man series. Graphically its doing nothing amazing, but I still can’t wait to play the full game, especially the Vita version since it’ll be portable.

    • Nonscpo

      Yeah I’ll be waiting for a review before throwing money down at launch.

  • aros

    Hopefully this is good and not as painfully tough as mega man.

    • Buckybuckster

      Would definitely make the game more accessible to more people. Maybe the game will have multiple difficulty levels perhaps?

      Otherwise it will most likely end up being a tough nut to crack. Seeing that Mighty is a love letter to the leigons of Mega Man fans out there, a punishing challenge is something they would expect and want from this game.

      • aros

        Good point. Hopefully MM difficulty will be labelled Classic or Expert. MM shrank it’s audience to the point of not being profitable even as small NES alike download games so I would suggest they do need to get of off to a good start in terms of people’s value perception. With MM the way it was I would never have paid more than £3 for one simply because even as someone fairly good at 2D platformers I knew I would not get the play time to make it a worthwhile purchase as it was always frustrating with too little satisfaction before quitting the game.

  • Che Bob

    Doesn’t really look like what you’d expect from a multi-million dollar budget. A lot of indie games look better.