Starlight Inception may have gotten off to a rocky start, but the team at Escape Hatch Entertainment is not walking away from their Kickstarter project. In fact, it appears as though they are doubling down on the game. They are not only planning ports to the other PlayStation consoles, but are also working on a new update for the Vita as well.

When I reviewed the game after its first update was released, I said that the game was great when it worked. Unfortunately there were too many times when the game would break and ruin the experience. Another main issue was the file size for the game post-patch. The patch itself weighed in at nearly 3gb which pushed the total file size to 4.7gb. That’s a lot of memory to take up for a game that only worked half the time.

Thankfully this issue will be address in the new update and they have managed to cut the size “roughly in half.” However, this “entails a complete rerelease of the game through Sony” which is causing its release to be slowed down

Also expected in the new update are increased rewards for Patrol Mission, general bug fixes, and PlayStation TV support.

The hope is that the update will be ready soon, but it’s unknown yet as to when we can expect it. The small team at Escape Hatch has a lot on their plate as they’ve also announced their new game, Starlight Tactics, as well as developing versions of Starlight Inception for both the PS3 and PS4.

Release dates for the console versions are also not known at this time, but the game has been submitted to Sony for the PS3. It will be cross-buy, so if you bought it on the Vita you will get it for the other consoles at no extra charge.

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    This is what I think about SI’s upcoming update.
    Starlight Inception is not a big game. I mean, judging the game’s contents, it should take a couple of hours instead of days to finish the game. So it’s fine by me that half the team at Escape Hatch

    Entertainment focuses on updating the game – which will not return any profit to them – while the other half works on a new SI Game. But I still have this feeling we’re not on the same page, I mean they take too long to update the game and then when it’s done, half my concerns have been addressed, the other half have not and then some new bug pops up.
    We could use a pre-release changelog letting us know what is it that they’re fixing or trying to improve. Here’s to hoping this upcoming update does make a difference.

    • vongruetz .

      I’m not sure how big the team at EH really is. You have a husband/wife team leading the group and if you took “half” the team, you could conceivably be talking about one or two people. Garry is pretty active in the comments sections on websites with articles about the game, so I get the feeling it’s a really small group working on these games.

  • mtk93

    I was super pumped to buy this game at release. I did so and was massively disappointed with how bad it was. I deleted it within days. I’m glad to see that they are working to improve it. I might just redownload it after the next patch.