Poor sales from Playstation platforms has accounted for low software sales overall.

Japanese sales tracker Media Create have released┬átheir findings for Christmas week 2014, revealing that overall sales figures for gaming software has decreased over 20% from 2013, with 1,517,000 units sold. Although the finger has been pointed at Playstation 4 and PS Vita’s disappointing sales figures over the Christmas period as the main reason for the slump in sales, it is important to remember that neither device had the benefit of a major release. Combined, the sales figures for Vita and PS4 only reached 41.30% of 2013’s total.

The 3DS had a more successful Christmas period, with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate selling 2.34 million units and Super Smash bros. 2 million.

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  • Nonscpo

    I blame it all on the new taxes!

    • Buckybuckster

      The new 3DS and the growing popularity of smartphone games had something to do with it also.

      From the sales charts I was able to catch during the holidays, I may be wrong but it seems that the PS4 was more of the laggard when it comes to sales. The Vita’s numbers while not as great as they were in 2013, still were rather respectable.

      • Duo Maxwell

        Pretty sure the Vita still looks good, since no new hardware release and it still manages to almost catch up with 2013 number, while 2013 has the 2k.

  • Lester Paredes

    I say that Sony needs to get to it and release something good.

  • Reza Gerami

    Well I didn’t see any enticing deal on either platform, Sony needs more good PS-exclusives, period.

  • Konohana Lucia

    the prices are too high (just saying)

  • Alex Jones

    Memory Card Prices.

    Nuff said…