Remember that 10% PSN discount code we were promised after the issues this Christmas? It’s coming this weekend.

With all the issues this Christmas – including those caused by the DDoS and those caused by the large influx of users – it was no wonder that PlayStation had to prepare a response, and what a response it was; while many users may have expected nothing, what we’re receiving instead is a limited-time discount code and five days of PlayStation Plus coverage (for those who had it during the issues).

The 10% discount code will be available this weekend, and valid towards a one-time cart purchase between 9am PST/GMT on the 23rd and 9am PST/GMT on the 26th. That said, some exclusions do apply – including subscriptions for PlayStation Plus, Music Unlimited, PlayStation Now and rental video content.

As for the five days of PlayStation Plus, it’ll be added to your subscription in the coming days – with an email explaining the details to follow.

Are you excited for your discount and Plus extension? It’s almost here, so hang tight!


  • Kuroneko

    Sadly won’t have money to use it…I do hope it lasts til the ending of next month or something.

    • Buckybuckster

      The same with me. Time to rob a bank or something I guess lol! Eh, I have too many games as it is already. I literally have 2 year old Vita games I haven’t even downloaded yet. So I’ll be okay!

  • Dago

    Apparently the code cannot be used via PS Vita, so yeah….

    • You should start using the web store. 😉

      • Dago

        I´ll try it.

  • Great that they’ve followed through, but for the glass half empty approach three days isn’t very long to take advantage of the offer and it kicks in when the sales finish. Plus it would have been nice to use it towards a plus sub. But hey – they didn’t have to offer anything. 🙂

  • TalllPaul

    Hopefully there will be something sexy in the sale I can use it on 😀

  • Lester Paredes

    I’m just glad they’re giving us the time we lost during the DDoS attack with the 5 PS Plus days. . That’s 14¢ per day that I’d never get back otherwise! Thanks, Sony. Lol.
    Serendipitously, my wallet already has $60 in it, as I was planning on getting Atelier Ayesha and Grim Fandango later this month. Honestly, I’ll be getting more than I planned for with this coupon. Probably Joe Danger 2 and Citizens of Earth (reviews on which have been mixed, at best).

    • aros

      Citizens of Earth is very good.

  • aros

    I forgot about this and bought the games I wanted from the latest store update and sale earlier in the week. Damn.