Another risqué costume revealed for upcoming Samurai Warriors sequel.

This weeks issue of Japanese publication Famitsu has revealed details on a new chapter of Samurai Warriors 4-II and a new costume you’ll be able to use in the game.

A chapter known as “The Gathering of the Flowers” will see players control a character named Ii Naotora, who’s wish to become pretty is granted. The chapter will feature a bath scene in which the player will control the character wearing nothing but a “Considerably Strong” bath towel.

Samurai Warriors 4-II is set to hit Japan on February 11th.

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    *sigh* These SW4-II’s news are torturing me. I’m so down for this that my first reaction would be to grab a copy of the game off the Store and start playing the hell out of it.
    But I know how Koei Tecmo works, this add-on most likely will not see a Samurai Warriors 4 release, only the second edition will support it.
    I’m glad this game’s got a lot of stuff. I truly am. But it’d be great if KT let us know WHEN -or even IF- this game will get a release date in the west. Better yet, bring us a Samurai Warriors 4-II themed PS Vita with 16GB, a voucher for the add-ons announced so far and a giant poster for the ultimate collector’s edition. I’d take three of this and keep ’em forever.