Are you still playing Double Eleven’s tactical turn based strategy title Frozen Synapse Prime? It was one of my favourite Vita titles last year and if you are still enjoying it you might be pleased to hear that a new patch should be available very soon which fixes a variety of issues, which are:

  • A fix for campaign medals not updating when replaying missions
  • Fix for a number of instances where multiplayer games could desynchronise
  • Fix a number of crashes, including deleting waypoints and multiplayer connections
  • ix a number of animation issues with spectre units
  • Enabled match timeout of two weeks on multiplayer matches

I have neglected the game in recent weeks so these fixes are great news for me, if you fancy an easy opponent then hit me up on PSN! Not played the game yet and want to know more about it? Have a read of my review here!

frozen synapse prime vita patch

  • Nonscpo

    It’s good that there still updating there game, if nothing else it will encourage people to buy from them in the future.

  • Lester Paredes

    I need to get into it. I’ts been on my To Buy list since it’s release… Perhaps this weekend…

  • aros

    I grabbed it in the recent sale but haven’t played it yet. Seems a lot to learn!