Koei Tecmo unveil new images from upcoming Toukiden expansion.

Last week we brought you the news that Toukiden Kiwami will be heading to the west in March, with Europe receiving it first on the 27th March and North America four days later on the 31st. The game will release on both PS Vita and PS4.

An expansion of the original Toukiden game, Kiwami will include a whole host of new features, including new weapons, abilities, fighting styles, story elements, options and also Oni, the giant beasts you’ll do battle with. Koei Tecmo has treated us to new screenshots from the upcoming RPG, which showcase the new monsters in all their brutal glory. Check out the images below:


What are your thoughts on the new images, and will you be picking up a copy of Toukiden Kiwami when it releases in your region? Let us know in the comment section below!

  • Luthee

    Hell yeah my brother and I’ll be picking up a copy of Toukiden Kiwami each ! (It might not seem a lot but I hit the 70 hours of playtime mark in Toukiden a few days ago, almost at the end of chapter 7 at the moment)

    • Nonscpo

      Great! check out the vitalounge forum there’s a thread in which a group of us that are trying to beat the game before Kiwami comes out, in which we are trying to share our PSN ID’s so we can beat/clear the game. I myself am coming up on 150 hours of game time and I still haven’t cleared up everything.

      • EndRant

        Last hunting game I played was SS and it wasn’t my thing since I always go pure melee. I tried this but I just couldn’t get into it, I’m hoping it does well and sega and capcom take notice cause I want phantasy star online and monster Hunter on vita.

  • Nonscpo

    Can’t wait to play this game on my PSTV, hey Colin any chance your thinking of playing this game. I would certainly love hear what you have to say on this 😉