Learn to master your abilities in Bandai Namco’s upcoming RPG.

This week we have been treated to a whole host of new information regarding Lost Song, and now we have all the details on how to fight in the latest video game instalment from the Sword Art Online series.

So lets start with the standard ‘Regular Attack’ which, although isn’t that effective on its own, can be used to attack an enemy multiple times, leading to a combo! These can also be linked with ‘Heavy Attacks’ and Sword Skills.


Speaking of ‘Heavy Attacks’, they cannot be used to create combos, but as you would expect, on their own they dish out a lot more damage that your standard ‘Regular Attack‘. Of course these can also be linked with Sword Skills.


Another useful ability to note is ‘Step’ which allows you to dodge enemy attacks. These can only be used sparingly though as it does deplete your stamina bar quickly. It is also important to note that using the ‘Dash’ ability will also make your stamina lower at an alarmingly quick rate, but on the plus side it does allow you to run or fly much faster for a short period.



Another useful skill whilst defending yourself against enemies is ‘Guard’ which will allow you to withstand hits without taking any damage. But nothing lasts forever (especially in Lost Song) and after receiving a certain amount of hits, you will no longer be able to ‘Guard‘. So you’ll need to use it strategically!


Being able to freely fly around the world of Sword Art Online: Lost Song is extremely useful, but never forget your handy ability to jump, as it will most certainly come in handy when you are fighting in a cramped space!



Having magical abilities is extremely helpful to your cause BUT you won’t be able to use these abilities whilst brandishing weaponry. Remember, to use your Magic you must make sure your sword is sheathed.



Luckily there are ways around this disadvantage. You can mix up ‘Regular Attacks’ and ‘Steps’ with ‘Sword Skills’ to create even more powerful attacks, thus compensating for the lack of Magic when holding a weapon.

Asides from these useful pieces of information, we were also informed about the online mode in Lost Song. You enter a lobby via the town bar and you can have 16 people in a lobby, then 4 in each quest. Check out the small gallery below of images from the online mode:

Sword Art Online: Lost Song will release on PS Vita and PS3 in Japan on March 26th, and you can bet that as we draw ever closer to the release date, TVL will be here to provide you with any further details!

  • Apokalypze

    This will sell like hotcakes! Am glad the battle mechanics are better than Hollow Fragment!

  • Himanshu Goel

    Really really hoping for a localization!

    • Apokalypze

      This will be localized for sure , it sold half a million in the west i believe.

  • Raikozy

    will buy!

  • DeathMoJo

    Like the update to the character graphics, will keep this one on the radar for the future.

  • Nonscpo