Marvelous’ new vocaloid title looking to serenade the Japanese PSN early this Summer.

IA/VT Colourful is a rhythm game which tasks players to match notes using the analog stick (moving a small circle around the perimeter of a large circle) and the face buttons, and is set to include over 60 songs when released… the only problem is that we haven’t really had any idea when to expect it.

After two delays and much uncertainty about the release since all went quiet in September, we finally get word of a narrowed release window for the Land of the Rising Sun – early this Summer.

With the game now set to release nearly a year after originally intended, are those of you who’ve been following it still even interested?

Show the game some love (or your lack thereof) in the comments below.

  • Lester Paredes

    I’m still interested! Looks so pretty.

  • Ian

    I wondered what had happened to this game. Looks like I’ll be importing it this summer then!

  • Thulsa

    About bloody time!! I’ve had this pre-ordered and fully paid for (crystal box) since last April

  • BRS25

    Ordered the crystal box as well. Please post your interest in this game on XSEED’s forum’s to help get this game localized!

  • Nonscpo

    Wonder how long before Xseed announces the localization of this title, early 2016 anybody?