The discount codes for various regions and countries have been released, and we’ve got the list.

Remember earlier this week when we announced that the 10% discount codes for the issues over Christmas were on their way for this weekend? Well, it’s the weekend and they’re here – the NA & EU codes live from 9am this morning (your local headquarters’ time) ’til 9am on Monday.

Need a code? Here’s the list by region and country;

North America
  • Canada: JBFHBPJL8H
  • America: KF56EM5KB3
  • Australia: K5B9PMJQMF
  • Austria: A9PMAFADEM
  • Bahrain: QC86D5C7CD
  • Belgium: KPBH6DAH9D
  • Bulgaria: J49QT96DLD
  • Croatia: EMKDP7T657
  • Cyprus: LBL4F2T854
  • Czech Republic: HLTCL52QCQ
  • Denmark: Q4E7J3GEP3
  • Finland: 2BTQAHF2AL
  • France: KCQDNMGR94
  • Germany: B6P3N5ATNK
  • Greece: 7AAQQC83F9
  • Hungary: 8JBQQTPCFB
  • Iceland: KEM4JD98DA
  • India: R99P6BR9FG
  • Ireland: C4EFQJ4KFB
  • Israel: QG6DQJKN69
  • Italy: 3NBPML225L
  • Kuwait: 7LTL3R55DH
  • Lebanon: DG32HDLLE8
  • Luxembourg: FQLKDNN5BR
  • Malta: TBT5NHCG9Q
  • Netherlands: DDHBNBF9EK
  • New Zealand: 7LMGFC3B33
  • Norway: JC9EEEHGLR
  • Oman: 7D995HE92Q
  • Poland: 9C38255C6L
  • Portugal: PBTRQ7FGBF
  • Qatar: 2P863Q427A
  • Romania: A3G86KQ7T3
  • Russia: T34NK72FQ6
  • Saudi Arabia: 93NBHTTJDG
  • Slovakia: F8LRPK323P
  • Slovenia: HPDEG94QQF
  • South Africa: BD43JPHDJJ
  • Spain: GKE22RKKCN
  • Sweden: 3E4MBKJTG6
  • Switzerland: 9FTRKF52QL
  • Turkey: QCDTCD526N
  • Ukraine: 233NJCNQ59
  • United Kingdom: T6R3KB529K

Japan and Asia also get discount codes, however theirs are valid ’til Sunday at 11:59pm local time;

Japan & Asia
  • Japan: 8PLLN4L3DQ
  • Asia: RN89HNC5NA

Details on what the codes can be used for can be found in the original post here, and we hope you find something awesome to buy!

  • Thanks for the notification. Just picked up Freedom Wars and Atelier Ayesha Plus.

    However, I have to say that I’m rather disappointed that they made this “We’re sorry” discount code a timed deal.

    • Yeah, it’s not the greatest “we’re sorry” execution to have something so limited – but it’s better than nothing, so if this is a stepping stone to something that occurs regularly to make up for these issues I’m okay with that.

  • Richard Vargas

    code doesnt work

    • Lester Paredes

      That’s because it’s not a pre-paid card. It’s a coupon that you redeem at time of check out.

  • Lester Paredes

    I picked up Atelier Ayesha plus, Citizens of Earth, Joe Danger 2, and The Unfinished Swan. Too bad Grim Fandango wasn’t already out, or I’d have gotten that too.

  • Ichigo Yoite

    thx for the Info!
    Atelier Ayesha GET!

  • Nonscpo

    I’ll be skipping this sale, nothing interest me to buy at this time, plus I seriously need to prioritize whatever free time I have towards Freedom Wars and especially Toukiden. Im worried I might not play much with my Vita once MH4U comes out.

  • Used my code to grab Citizens of Earth. Because I needed another game to get in the way of my backlog…