Plenty of new information for the upcoming sequel, including a date for the upcoming demo has been revealed.

First off, recently we offered news that God Eater 2: Rage Burst has been trademarked in Europe and the US, and to add more fuel to the speculation of a possible localisation, the games second trailer has been released with English subtitles.

Secondly, a new batch of screenshots have been released, showing off the games new special duty missons and blood arts, here’s the details on them;

New System: Special Duty Missions

A new system where highly difficult missions occasionally occur. These missions, however, feature easily obtainable rare materials. As a reward for carrying out these missions, you can also obtain “Global Ability Points,” which can be used to upgrade your party characters through the Personal Ability System. Because chances to engage in these missions disappear as you accept orders for other missions, and there are rewards even for failing missions, aggressively accepting missions is recommended.

Global Ability Points are points required to learn specific Personal Abilities. They’re attained by doing things such as clearing your first mission or clearing Special Duty missions. Unlike standard AP, GAP is shared by the entire party, so which characters and abilities you choose when consuming it is an important key to their growth.

When a Special Duty mission is available, an indicator will appear in the Mission Order menu.

Return of the Defense Unit Also Included

The story from God Eater 2 downloadable content Return of the Defense Unit, which sees the return of the Defense Unit, as well as new operators Teruomi Makabe and Urara Hoshino, is also included in the newly rebuilt God Eater 2: Rage Burst.

New Blood Arts

  • Hummingbird Dance – Short blade (changes with the Square button air attack). A powerful air attack. Stamina is recovered when it hits, allowing for even more consecutive attacks.
  • Wave Slice – Long blade (changes with the Triangle button attack). Your movement distance increases when you use the Triangle attack, and critical damage increases as you level it.
  • Alder Swing – Buster blade (changes with the Square attack). The damage output increases based on the enemy Aragami’s weakness. What’s more, as it leaves few openings for counterattacks and enhances square button attacks, which are already easy to control, it’s an especially useful weapon for attacking at enemy feet.
  • Stork Comet – Boost hammer (changes with the boost drive). Rush towards the enemy at high speed and attack anyone caught in the crossfire.
  • Crescent Arch – Charge spear (changes with the Square attack). Forms a bladed arch from the oracle and sends it at the enemy. If upgraded, damage dealt to enemy weak points is amplified.
  • Pinwheel Drop – Variant size (changes with the aerial Triangle attack). While rotating in the air, fall towards the enemy with high momentum. Your stamina will restore when you hit.

First-Print Bonuses

First-print copies of God Eater 2: Rage Burst include the following Blood Arts:

  • Killer Beehive – Short blade. A Triangle finish Blood Art. Fires several blades of darkness.
  • Black Sword of Dreams – Long blade. A zero stance Blood Art. Strengthens the standard attack after stance, but consumes stamina.
  • CC Ruiner – Buster blade. A charge crash Blood Art. Deals great damage to Aragami when they’re downed.
  • Hard Juggler – Burst hammer. A burst rush Blood Art. Fires random shells of darkness at the enemy.
  • Ray Driver – Charge spear. A charge ride Blood Art. Sends a lengthy spear aura towards the enemy.
  • Glatton Fang – Variant size. A round fang Blood Art. Recovers stamina when the attack begins.

Additionally, you’ll also get the following weapon when defeating the Orochi Aragami, also included with first-print copies:

  • Serpentine Calamity Blade Ashinazuchi – An evil blade imbued with the blood-lust of the fallen serpent


And to top off this onslaught of news, the release date for the Japanese demo has been announced. Japanese Vita owners will be able to try the game from the first week in February and will be able to sample the beginning of the story, progress made can be transferred over to the full game when it’s released on February 19th.

  • Lester Paredes

    Please don’t tease me, Bamco.

  • Buckybuckster

    It seems less a question of possible localization, and more of how long they intend to make us suffer before it’s officially announced.

    Although, while I really hate being the snack tray of garlic at a vampire convention, I have to mention this possibly being promotion for a English subtitled Asian version. So my excitement will be kept in check… for now. Would be excellent news for importers.

    • Oliver

      If it’s only a subtitled Asian version, then why the need for Europe and US trademarks?

  • Nonscpo

    Cant wait for this game to get localized >_<