Today Sony announced their new music service entitled PlayStation Music. They have decided to partner with Spotify to bring their service to the PlayStation platform. This integration with the Spotify catalog of music will replace the current Music Unlimited service (which in turn was the replacement for the old Qriocity music service).

PlayStation Music will be available on the PS4, PS3, as well as Xperia phones and tablets. That list leaves off one very important member of the PlayStation family: PS Vita.

On March 29, 2015, Music Unlimited will be closed in all of the 19 countries where it is currently offered. This means an end to the Music Unlimited app which has been available for the Vita since March of 2012.

The news isn’t good for Vita owners today as we’ve already seen the loss of support of YouTube and Maps as well. Granted that neither Music Unlimited or Maps were very popular, their removal from the system is not the kind of message Sony wants to send Vita owners that they should have faith in continuing support.

It is possible that PlayStation Music will eventually come to the Vita in time, but it is not planned for the initial launch. However, if past is precedence then I wouldn’t be expecting a Vita version to come any time soon (if at all). At least we still have Qello HD Concerts…



  • Phelan

    “It is possible that PlayStation Music will eventually come to the Vita in time, but it is not planned for the initial launch. ”

    Don’t count on it… on EU blog SCEE employees are doing everything to avoid the Vita issue.

    And dunno what Qello HD Concerts is… but I don’t think that Europe can use it.

    • vongruetz .

      I said it was possible, but not probably. I don’t see it coming to the Vita.

      As for Qello concerts, that was me being sarcastic. It’s an app where you can pay to watch various concerts. I have no idea why anyone would use it, but it’s available on the Vita and PSTV.

  • Lester Paredes

    Wow. Well, that sucks. I guess we can expect Netflix and Hulk to drop off next too. Way to go, Sony. Way to go.

  • It’s pointless to even hope that Sony will give Vita a second glance at this point. We should just be happy that they haven’t decided to simply shut down everything to do with Vita.

  • PizzaSlapper

    This has been a bad day for Vita owners. No more Youtube, Near and Maps and no Playstation Music for Vita. Worst part of it is that both Youtube and Playstation Music are available on every other Sony device (except the PSP of course). We’re almost at rock bottom, I can feel it.

    • Johnathan Pompey

      Not to mention that in EU, psn weekly deals will no longer include PS3 or vita and will focus only on PS4

  • Nonscpo

    As bad as this is for Vita owners……dammit I cant even lie about it 🙁

  • VitaRG

    Near I understand but youtube I dont

  • Emma Selwyn

    So, basically the Vita is going to become a games console AND THAT’S IT… why?

  • Anti Sane

    Yes, this is a really stupid move, and greedy as hell. It’s another way of giving the middle class the shaft. They figure hey, lets screw our middle class customers, so the rich can keep buying our Xperia crap. I bought a Vita for the sole purpose of avoiding the smart phone fiasco. I’m so sick of the mentality that everyone has to have a smart phone. I guess economics wasn’t their first language. It’s like lets make the Vita totally useless, “hah hah hah Those suckers bought the device and now were reveling in it” I’m no business expert but i sure as hell know when i’m being screwed by a company.