Coming be coming to a Vita near you if it raises $55,000.

Developer WeAppy are currently kickstarting a game known as We Are The Police, a strategy/Adventure game featuring Duke Nukem voice actor Jon St. John.

The Kickstarter, at the time of writing, has only raised just over $5,000 but still has 28 days left to reach it’s target, so the possibility of the stretch goal being hit is certainly attainable.

For more information on We Are The Police, head over to the games Kickstarter page here, and we’ll keep you posted on whether the game is successful in it’s attempt to come to Vita.

  • Great graphics, interesting story, now we wait.

  • Nonscpo

    Not gonna lie this looks really interesting, I might just have to Kickstart it. Though I am concerned, isnt 25,000 a little low?