Finish developer Frogmind have announced today that their acclaimed hit Badland will be launching this spring on the Vita (and PS4).

Originally released for the iPad in 2013 and with a vision to create a “console quality” game for tablets, Frogman state that their dream was always to bring their title to PlayStation one day when the resources and team were greater, and thanks to the success of the game on other platforms it’s now a reality, in the form of a GOTY release.

Mixing physics based gameplay with some creative level design and some dynamic power-ups and some atmospheric presentation you control Clone and take him on a journey with puzzles, traps and many obstacles on your way across 100 different missions.

This GOTY version boasts more than four times the content of the original with the 15 hours single player, 100 co-op missions and 27 deathmatch stages for some local multiplayer fun for up to four players. With refined HD visuals and tweaks to the controls this will be the most complete version of the game, which will also have cross-save and cross-buy with the PS4 version.

We will bring you more news on the game when we have it! Have you played the original version? Does this look like something you’ll enjoy playing on your Vita? Let us know in the comments!

  • Slizarus

    I enjoy this game on the android, I wasn’t aware of any Deathmatch features, that would be very interesting! I’ll have to look it up. I recommend this game if it’s affordable, it’s got a really cool art style and though it’s simple gameplay, the stages really give you a fun challenge.