Falcom has released a brand new set of Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Evolution screens, showing off the new Field Attack system, characters, and more.

An updated version of the PSP original, Trails in the Sky Evolution introduces a new technique called the Field Attack which enables each character to use a unique attack action on the field. This allows them to attack on-field enemy symbols before entering battle to gain a starting advantage, which can be useful when going up against tough opponents.

See this new technique and more below;

Also released is some art which┬áintroduces us to characters Agate Crosner, Tita Russell, Klose Rinz, and Zin Vathek – check ’em out below;

The Legends of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Evolution is due to release later this year in Japan.

  • Phelan

    Huh… am I the only one who would rather get sequel of Tails in the Sky instead?

    The story is not complete… it just ends… in the middle of nowhere. Sadly XSEED just takes too much time to translate each game :/ So I really do hope that they won’t pick this up, and focus on sequel instead.

    • Chizu

      Second Chapter is coming, Script is complete, so expect the PC/PSP versions of that in hopefully a couple months.
      Having recently just beat the First chapter, I wouldnt mind this on vita sometime.

      • Phelan

        Yeah I know that it is “coming”…. but it’s been ages since we last heard about it. When did XSEED notified us about second part? Year ago? Like december 2013, right?

        And that’s only 2nd part, What about 3rd part?

        And like you said above, original art was much much much better. Estelle and Joshua looked older… and Estelle looked more tomboyish. Kloe looked more dignified, Shecherazde older, Zane stronger and more like guy from abroad. Only Tita looks more or less the same.

        I’d rather XSEED focus on 2 and 3 + other Falcom games. We already can play trails in the sky, right?

        btw. vita lounge wrote wrong names of characters 0.0

        • Chizu

          It was only actually the other week that the person handling script editing tweeted it was now complete.
          Now they have to implement it into the game, but the biggest hurdle is done. So 2 is still very much a focus.
          No idea on 3 though, I get the impression its a wait and see how 2 does before anything happens with 3. Which means 3 is probably many years off~
          Good times.

          • Phelan

            Ahhh…. that’s why I don’t like trilogies…. especially if plot is about 1 story divided to 3 parts.

            Ow well… I will be first to buy it… if the price won’t be again like 35$.

            Thx for info, I didn’t know it.

  • Chizu

    I have to say, I prefer the original character art to this new version.