A tease from the developer seems to point to Vita launch.

A recent tease by the developers of Monster Boy and the Wizard of Booze could suggest that the game is on it’s on way to Vita.

Upon announcing the platforms it’s coming to, the developer included PlayStation 4 and also said that more platforms are to be announced. Website Pocket Gamer approached FDG Entertainment to ask if the game could be coming to the Vita, they were offered the following statement;

“(We) can’t confirm anything at the moment but since we’re coming from mobile business… it could very much happen.”

We’l let you know if a Vita release is confirmed but in the meantime check out the following video which includes the games theme tune being played on a banjo, the video also includes screenshots of the upcoming game.

  • Bitrip

    I have high hopes for this one. The art style and music seems fantastic.

  • italodance

    Yes it’s coming.

  • Lester Paredes

    I hope so. I had high hopes for their kickstarter. It looked adorable and fun.