5pb is set to bring its dating-sim/adventure title Lovely x Cation 1&2 to PlayStation Vita this Spring.

A visual-novel style series of titles following a boy who needs to get out of the house, Lovely x Cation 1&2 will include both the 2011-launched Lovely x Cation and the 2013-launched Lovely x Cation 2 in one package for one price.



The games will come with additional scenarios and events, as well as new Vita-unique features – but as with all console ports of dating-sim style games, any content deemed “too-adult” will be removed prior to the transfer.

New elements include:

  • AR Camera – Lets you take pictures with the game’s heroines.
  • Lovely Call – Select your favorite name from a list to be called by each heroine.
  • Tastes Tuning System – Lets players increase their favorability with each heroine by seeing through their tastes in order to make the best choices during conversation.
  • Lovely Shot – Exclusive to Lovely x Cation 2, lets players download wallpapers by reading QR codes that depict the current scene on display.
  • Walking Talk – A system that lets the player walk side-by-side next to the heroine. Enjoy the presence of your in-game sweetheart.

Lovely x Cation 1&2 launches May 21st in Japan.

  • Marcos Codas

    Is this coming west? Or is it a Japan-only release?