Tokyo Dark is a game that is currently on Square Enix’ service known as Collective. It is a service where devs from all across the world can possibly submit their game they have to Sqaure Enix. There is a catch, though. You have to meet certain requirements and standards to even be approved.

You basically submit your game as if you were going to go through crowdfunding, but people gotta “vote” on your idea. If you get enough votes, Square Enix will assist you in helping with the game by advertising it.

Anyways, onto the game itself. Tokyo Dark aims to be a game that is part visual novel, and part point and click. It is heavily based off of anime and manga, so if you’re not a fan of that, then you will probably not like it.

Below is a quote straight from the devs Square Collective page

“Tokyo Dark™ is an anime style horror adventure game that combines gameplay elements from Western point and click games with Japanese visual novels. Against the neon lights of modern day Tokyo follow detective Itō into the shadows, into violence, lies and paranoia. Explore the tunnels and sewers beneath the city and uncover a paranormal conspiraciy hidden in the depths of the Tokyo dark.”

It is going to be heading to the PC, but if they get enough support they will consider releasing it on the PS Vita itself, though. Show these guys some love and demand we get it on Vita! They also have a little trailer as posted below as well.

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    Wish them luck!

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    ohhh looks interesting sadly the cover brought me here