Drift Stage, a game made by Super Systems Softworks will be coming over to the PS Vita and the PS4 within the next year according to a new post on their Kickstarter page. Drift Stage is going to bring you back to the older days of race car games with the way it looks, and also the graphics itself.

The thing is, that it says on its Kickstarter page it’ll take a more modern take at the race car genre of games. With there being so many race car simulators out nowadays, can Drift Stage possibly compete? Time will tell as it is first going to release on PC, followed next year on the PS Vita and PS4.

Below is a quote on their Kickstarter page, in which you can still back, but they’ve already reached their successful amount to be funded.

“Drift Stage is a modern take on the classic arcade racer. Paying homage to the eras that birthed the genre, Drift Stage features a unique art style, blending pixel art and 3D models to create a colorful and vibrant world to race in. Focusing on easy to pick up gameplay with enough depth to keep dedicated race fans satisfied, Drift Stage hopes to bring back the blend of pure fun and challenge that was a staple of arcade classics.”

Will you give Drift Stage a try? If so, let us know! Below is their Kickstarter trailer!