Ever wanted to wield a samurai sword whilst wearing your swimming costume?

Samurai Warriors 4-II, the re-working of Samurai Warriors 4, is set to release on February 11th in Japan and releasing simultaneously will be the “Special Outfit 2” DLC, which will contain a rather unique set of costumes for the female protagonists in the game.

Whilst battling hordes of enemies, you can dress in a variety of different garbs, giving your character occupations such as policewoman, maid, a barely dressed cat and perhaps the most bizarre, a swimmer.

The costumes will be available for the characters: Oichi, Konoichi, Okuni, Ina, No, Nene, Garcia Aya, Kai, Naotora li, Koshosho, Lady Hayakawa and Ginchiyo Tachibana. An individual costume will cost 191 yen (£1/$1.60), or you can download the whole collection for 2,000 yen (£11/$16.70).

Check out the gallery below, where you can see all the costume and how they will look during battle. Let us know your thoughts on the “Special Outfit 2” DLC in the comment section below!

  • WhyWai

    guess they learnt something from Team Ninja’s Dead or Alive series….

  • italodance

    I want to import it, will i miss the DLC? 🙁