On the official Killzone Twitter account, you will see that they have posted a message titled “soon”. It could lead to a sequel to this game, or just a brand new Killzone for the PS4.

Us Vita owners are quite the gluttons for abuse, so it may not be a sequel for it. Personally, I hope it is a sequel to Mercenary as I’d get both 1 and 2 as a bundle.

Killzone: Mercenary 1 was for the PS Vita and is a rather interesting game to what I have seen. I have yet to play it, but seeing as how Killzone is a popular FPS, this may benefit the Vita once again.

What are your thoughts on a possible sequel? Sound off in the comments below!

  • Lester Paredes

    That would be awesome. Killzone was pretty good. nothing special, but it was entertaining and proved that FPS can be done well on vita.

    • Richard Savings

      It’s my Portable game of choice, especially with the Botzone mode letting me play multiplayer games on a bus or anywhere I want. Kid Icarus Uprising on 3DS also has bot multiplayer. I’m a sucker for it. After all, I got Black Ops 3 on PS3 only after confirming the presence of bots.

    • Justin

      The vita is weak

  • Nonscpo

    I dunno what to think.

  • vongruetz .

    I’m going to guess not. It’s be great if it was thought. Guerrilla Cambridge did a lot of work to create that engine to run on the Vita and it’d be a shame to waste it on just one game.

    And it’s too soon after KZ Shadow Fall for a PS4 game. Maybe just an expansion pack or something.

  • Slizarus

    I think they could only do better 🙂 It was a fantastic game, a day one purchase for me, I admittingly didn’t play it long, but I feel good about it 🙂

  • tubers

    KZM Remaster for PS4?

  • Jef Curlin

    I doubt it, but I’d love to see it. I liked Mercenaries and would love to see them get it another go. I just felt a little let down by the title, as it seemed like you would be allowed to do missions for both sides instead of being forced to due to a linear story. If they do another game, I like it to be a bit more open and allow some player choice.

  • Yoyitsu

    Is that the KZM sign of money in his eyes? I’m still waiting for a KZ game that’s from the Helghast point of view.

  • italodance

    Yes they will announce it on Friday 13th.

  • Sebastian

    I can’t aim to save my life with the Vita’s little sticks, so I never enjoyed Mercenary. Shadowfall is my favorite PS4 shooter to date, so I’d rather a big screen entry.

    More than all of that though…I wanna see this “other game” that Guerilla has been working on. I hope that the rumor about robot dinosaurs is true! Like….I really, really ******* hope it’s true.

  • Nazar

    It was a double XP weekend thing for Killzone: Shadow Fall. Calm down guys lol.

  • Phelan

    Huh…. Vita owners must learn to be a little more sceptical :/ how someone thought that it is about new killzone for Vita is beyond me. If they wanted really to make a remake, we would already hear about it a long time ago.


  • I’d love to see a sequel, I often fire the game up just to enjoy the mechanics and vary my approaches to each stage. Very unlikely I know, but I’d certainly lay down the cash a second time.

  • Cheeb

    Sooo not happening. No way could they make the money back.