Yesterday, Charlie brought us news on Destroyer Trillion, a new game from Japanese developer Compile Hearts, since then, the games official website has been updated to offer some more information on the games battle system, as well as giving us a new look at the games graphics and art style.

The official website details the games battle system with a few extra finer details, such as the game uses an SRPG battle system combined with real time battling. Battles will play out with the games main antagonist Trillion trying to get past your defence, which in most battles will happen, but throughout the encounters your goal is to chip away at the antagonists 1 trillion HP.

Also included on the games website is an image of Trillions main minions, which you can see below;



Details of these minions has also been revealed;


  • Rushdown Type: Sports high attack power and is actively bent on wreaking havoc for players.
  • Long Distance Type: Prefers to maintain a safe distance away from players as they lob attacks at them.
  • Support Type: A defensive type that tries to support and heal the other minions.
  • Iron Wall Type: High in defense, this one can be expected to be found hovering around Trillion and protecting him first and foremost.

More information on the Booster Devils, their suits were specially created by character Faust. They are effectively known as Anti-Trillion troops, these will aid you in battle and they include a stat known as the Cap stat, the higher that the Cap stat is, the more Booster Devils you’ll be able to take into battle with you.


When a Demon Lord is close to death, he’ll be able to use a dying skill, these have been given more detail, for example, using a dying skill takes a lot of damage off Trillion, and this will benefit the next Demon Lord that spawns into the battle. Also, two of the dying skills have been named and detailed;


  • Transient Blow: Deals huge damage to Trillion by expending a Demon’s Lords remaining life force to the fullest.
  • Eternal Seal: Permanently seals off the skills used by one part of Trillion’s body by thrusting a huge weapon at his armor and breaking it

There has been a tonne of info on this game over the last few days, so make sure you keep checking The Vita Lounge for more information as it is announced.