Roll7 has released a new video for OlliOlli 2, taking us behind the scenes of the game that is scheduled to release on PlayStation Vita later this year.

They have also shed some light on a few of the new features we can expect to see in the follow up to the brilliant OlliOlli.

Two of these new tricks are Manuals and Combos, which will allow players to chain together tricks to boost your combos and increase the potential for getting an awesome score! To give you a little boost along the way to attaining the highest score possible, a new section to the game’s HUD will show you what your combo score will be if you achieve a perfect landing!

There will also be grind switches – which is a manoeuvre that allows for you to switch between two different types of grind so long as you score a perfect grind! In addition to this there will also be ‘epic tricks’ that have longer animation time – so to successfully nail these tricks you will need to aim for BIG air!

Levels have also been improved upon, with curves making a big impact in OlliOlli 2. Curved ramps, rails and ground will add to the overall skateboarding experience with split routes that can only be accessed by attaining a perfect launch off of a ramp! There will also be secret routes included in the game where you can find (and collect) the Roll7 devs!

In the post that Roll7 unleashed on the PlayStation Blog, the developers also hinted at a new mode called Combo Rush – which they will explain in more detail to the world later on this month!

Are you ready to get your grind on when OlliOlli 2 comes to the Vita later this year? Check out the Making of Trailer below to learn more about what has been going on behind the scenes at Roll 7 whilst they ramp up to the launch of their skateboarding sequel!


SOURCEPlayStation Blog EU
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