We told you last week that Disco Pixel’s beautifully titled Jungle Rumble: Freedom, Happiness and Bananas was releasing and we can now confirm that the rhythmic-puzzler is now available on the North American store.

In the game, players assist the Mofongo tribe of monkeys as they battle rival primates invading to steal precious bananas. However, the Mofongo soon realize their monkey neighbors are being invaded themselves because humans are destroying the vibrant rainforest both groups call home. The Mofongo then confront the true evil ravaging their land to reclaim tropical paradise.
Keeping the beat and making quick decisions are essential to resolving this monkey business! Gamers drum on the screens of their Vitas in time with the dynamic music to command the Mofongo tribe. While drumming, players must also employ strategy and decide where monkeys move and who they should attack.

The game features a wild new take on rhythm games and has you drumming the screen to control your monkeys and features a dynamic soundtrack, which sees the music swelling in intensity as monkey minions are mustered. With many levels set in a massive jungle across three separate worlds: Sunny Juba Falls, Dark Kagunga Forest and the devastated Nadges Corp. Factory. With a crazy cartoon art style with iconic monkeys in a vibrant jungle rumble in an epic story which is sure to keep you playing for hours, do you think this is something you’d enjoy?

The game is on the NA store now for $4.99 and Disco Pixel are working to get the EU release sorted. We will of course bring you news and this and a review as soon as we can!

Will you be giving this a look?