The English voice cast for the highly anticipated Mighty No. 9 has been revealed by producer Nick Yu.

Nick Yu has announced that 15 voices have been picked out of a staggering 370 for Kenji Inafune’s Mighty No. 9. The list of talented voice actors are as follows:

Mighty No. 1 Pyrogen: Matt Mercer
Mighty No. 2 Cryosphere: Paige King
Mighty No. 3 Dynatron: Jan Johns
Mighty No. 4 Seismic: Fred Tatasciore
Mighty No. 5 Battalion: Brian. T. Delaney
Mighty No. 6 Aviator: Mick Wingert
Mighty No. 7 Brandish: JP Karliak
Mighty No. 8 Countershade: Steve Blum
Mighty No. 9 Beck: Yuri Lowenthal


Call: Julie Nathanson
Dr. White: Jason Spisak
Dr. Sanda: Dave Wittenberg
Seijiro Sanda: Dave Wittenberg
Mr. Graham: Scott Whyte
Dr. Blackwell: Bob Joles


Are you looking forward to another possible Inafune masterpiece? Mighty No. 9 is releasing for the PS Vita in Japan and the West. No release date has been announced but be sure that The Vita Lounge will be on top of it.

  • Nonscpo

    After all the controversy this project has gone thru in the last couple of months, I’m gonna hold off my excitement until the reviews start coming out.

    • SarcasticPersona

      Controversy? I wasn’t aware.

      • Nonscpo

        Yeah first there was the controversy over the second kickstarter. There was a lot of confusion by the backers over stuff that was thrown into the second campaign that people naturally though should have been covered by the first campaign. There was also an embarrassing trailer for a potential anime that they were gonna make out of Beck that rubbed people the wrong way, which is understandable as the priority should have been focused on the game and not spinoff’s. Finally we get to the problems during #Gamergate. In short the community manager Dina was a committed Feminist and an Anti-GG, and she used her position at Comcept to block any backers who were Pro-GG from the project, even though she technically owed her job to them.

        • SarcasticPersona

          Oh wow. I must be really out of touch with the video gaming industry to have missed all that.

          • Nonscpo

            Hey don’t worry about it, some stuff gets covered and some stuff doesn’t. Its really impressive what becomes common knowledge and what doesn’t.

          • Kuroneko

            Does Dana still work for them, or did they wisen up?

          • Nonscpo

            As far as I’m aware she still works there, also she uses that new Twitter Anti-harrasment feature for her account. So unless she lets you follow her, you cant even have a discussion with her or air your grievances. Not that she’s the greatest community manager from what I’ve read anyway.

          • Clinton

            Note The anti gg and pro gg thing is not true. People just got upset because she was a feminist and had not played a Megaman game before. It was really stupid, and I am glad most people have gotten over it.

            There was no talk about an anime. It was more for a Saturday morning cartoon they were thinking of doing if the game was popular. But people got upset and said they were spending the games money on it when it clearly was not and they said they were not.

            Finally the 2nd campaign was to try and get more features into the game. Like voice acting. They even posted how much it would cost for the stuff.

          • Nonscpo

            On the Dina thing, people weren’t upset with her for being a femenist, people were pissed because of her lies. On the second point, the timing was very poor and they didn’t present themselves very well with the announcement. On the final point about the second kickstarter, it was insulting on Comcept’s part to ask for more money after exceeding there original funding goals.

            P.S. On the Gamergate thing, it’s true and it happened:


          • Clinton

            What lies?

            How was it insulting for them starting a bonus fund to put more content in the game. They pointed out they would finish the game just fine. This stuff was just for extra’s like the nice voice cast we just got.

            Anyway all of the controversy was rather stupid and did not need to happen. It also has no barring on the game itself.

          • Nonscpo

            I agree all of the controversy’s didn’t need to happen!

  • Slizarus

    Nice list 🙂 Always happy to hear Steve Blum’s voice, I think Yuri is a funny choice for Beck, but a bit like megaman I guess he’s on the higher spectrum of voices.