Would you want to play a fighting game combined with a Brawler? Play something with a huge sword, a rocket launcher and a Flamethrower? That’s exactly what could happen in Strength of the Sword ULTIMATE, and the game has a Vita stretch goal on Kickstarter!

We brought you the news last year that Invent Games had planned a Vita version of Strength of the Sword 3, but due to various concerns it never materialised. If this is something you’d love to see on that handheld, it has a stretch goal of $30,000 for the Vita and Invent Games said it would be ready before Christmas if it happens.

The game is currently fractionally under it’s main goal of $14,000 and is running until March 11th, so plenty of time to get that Vita target. Want to know more about the game? Here’s a trailer.

If you are interested you should check out their Kickstarter page. It has a large selection of reward tiers and some great artwork explaining what will be in the game, which amounts to a “3D fighter-cross-brawler with tactical and skill based combat.”

With multiple enemies at once and boss fights the developers claim that Strength of the Sword Ultimate will be the kind of game you beat but don’t finish.

I for one am very interested in seeing this come to life, and we will keep you posted on any new developments.

Does this look like something you would pick up?

  • Liam Langan

    I played Strength of the Sword 3 and it’s tough as balls. Seeing this on the Vita would be pretty awesome

  • Chris Boers

    Not a game for the casual gamer at all indeed! I never managed to get past the first sword/outfit, so still have a long way to go. Excellent addition to the Vita. Only too bad it’s got the ‘Ultimate’ tag- which nullifies any claim for Cross-buy. (then again, I never realised this was done by a two-man team!)

  • Nonscpo

    Looks great, but sadly with my current backlog, I’m unsure if I should back it.