Things have been very quiet in regards to when Helldivers would be coming to the PS Vita, but today that silence has been broken. We now know that this twin-stick shooter of mass chaos will be coming out on March 3, 2015. 

In just a few weeks, Vita owners will be able to travel the galaxy and fend off the alien bug menace that threatens Super Earth. What’s even better is that the game features cross-play, so Vita owners will be able to play alongside others on a PS3 or PS4. The game will also feature cross-save, so you can transfer your game across systems.

What is not clear at the moment is whether Helldivers will also be cross-buy. It appears at the moment as though it will not be, but we will know more in just a few weeks.

More information is going to be released in the coming weeks. We will of course bring that info (such as price) to you as soon as we can.

  • Chesterlots

    Sweet! I look forward to playing this with the rest of my siblings through the Vita/PS4 cross-play!

  • R.W.K.T.

    Oh….goooooood!!! It’s a good thing I didn’t sell my PS VITA! I’ve been looking forwards to this game!!!

  • Jorge Fernandez Santiago

    Mmm ps plus game!

  • Lester Paredes

    March 3rd. first tuesday. Free PS Plus game. And it looks brutally awesome! I hope it runs well and looks good on Vita.

  • Buckybuckster

    Nice to see this game finally making it’s way onto the Vita. Pretty funny trailer too!