Compile Heart announces details of a tiered Pre-order bonus system.

Earlier this week we brought you a load of new details for Destroyer Trillion  (known as Makai Shin Trillion in Japan) that included the release date, which has been set for May 21st in Japan. We now have gameplay footage for the upcoming RPG, which showcases the characters and battle system. As well as the slick looking gameplay, there is an added bonus…a rather pleasant song and dance!

It may be slightly odd, but it has been included as a fun way to explain the games pre-order bonuses. You can watch the trailer below, which starts with the song, with the gameplay footage starting at the 2:10 mark.

There will be a tiered system for the pre-order bonuses. The more pre-orders that are made between February 12th and April 28th, the more players will get in terms of DLC and extra bonuses with their launch copies. No threshold has been set for the different tiers, leaving us unable to tell how many pre-orders are needed for highest tier.

Currently the game is on D Rank, which is the lowest bonuses, but as there is over two months left, we should be hopeful of reaching the much coveted S Rank by April 28th! The different tiers are as follows:

DLC Tiers

  • D Rank: 3 items, 1 piece of equipment
  • C Rank: All of the above, plus another 2 items, 2 pieces of equipment, 3 “Present Items,” 1 “Demon Seal”
  • B Rank: All of the above, plus 1 Booster Devil and 1 Crossover Special Skill (Tiara from Fairy Fencer F)
  • A Rank: All of the above, plus another 5 items, 2 pieces of equipment, 2 “Present Items,” 1 “Demon Seal,” 3 Booster Devils, and 1 Crossover Special Skill (Neptune from Hyperdimension Neptunia)
  • S Rank S: All of the above, plus 2 items, 3 pieces of equipment, 2 “Present Items,” 2 “Demon Seals,” 3 Booster Demons, and 1 Crossover Special Skill (Otton from Monster Monpiece)

Non-DLC Tiers

  • B Rank: Free custom PS Vita theme
  • A Rank: Special Kei Nanameda art piece reveal
  • S Rank: 1 “Supersize” Trillion figure to be given away to a winner, other Compile Heart characters appearing in-game, and production of a dakimakura with Faust and the Demon Lords.

As the release date approaches, you can bet that TVL will be on hand to provide you with all the latest Destoyer Trillion  details!

  • Ichigo Yoite

    Is that girl in the screenshot using a lollipop to fight? If so…I wanna play this just because of that.

  • Bitrip

    AHHHHH, Super Otaku!!

    • Giusè Valky Moci

      psvita is the console for otakus, period.

  • Buckybuckster

    Nutty and humorous vid but not enough gameplay. I like what I see in any case.

    I wonder if 1 trillion hit points is the most ever? Will have to Google that one.