A trailer for the early access Steam release shows off the game’s Alien Infestation Update, adding another layer of crazy to the Brodown.

Broforce is scheduled to hit PlayStation Vita (and PS4) later this year after the full PC release, so it’s natural that you might not be paying attention yet  – but Devolver Digital has just dropped an Alien-themed update trailer on their YouTube and it’s definitely worth a look.

Check it out;

Do you feel the broforce growing inside you?

I’m sure there’ll be many more teases between now and release to feed your need, so stay tuned to TVL and we’ll make sure to throw them your way.

  • Ducky Burger

    Been playing Broforce on STEAM and its one of the best side-scrolling shooters ever. If they actually release it on Playstation Vita i would probably buy one.

    • Devolver Digital announced it was coming during E3, so start saving your pennies!

      • Ducky Burger

        Thanks for the info man. Quick question. Which model do you have? I wonder if the OLED screen is worth having more then the extra battery life.

        • Buckybuckster

          I own a OLED and while I think that the LED is more stylish overall and yes has longer battery life, I just can’t give up the quality of the OLED. The colors and clarity lack the pop that the brightness of the OLED gives them.

          However over time, the top time bar and tool bar for the search engine on the OLED will tend to burn in which is quite the bummer. But if I had to replace my Vita I would still get a OLED. In my opinion it’s that much better. If you search it, I believe Murphy has an excellent comparison piece floating around the site somewhere. Hope I was helpful!

          • Ducky Burger

            Thanks everybody! OLED it is then.

        • I’ve got the OLED model and love it, but they definitely feel different in the hands – so you should see if you can try both before you buy.

          Also, I’ve had my OLED since December 2012 and still no noticeable burn in (and man, do I play a lot of Vita).

        • Dan Smith

          I gotta throw my two cents in here. The first time i fired up Vita with OLED screen it was like a punch to the face. The vibrant colors it produces make that little screen heavenly to look at.
          Cant recommend it enough especially with games of this graphical style.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    How they avoid getting sued? isn’t this copyright infrigment?

  • Buckybuckster

    I want this! Although it really reminds me ’bout how much I want a Contra for Vita.