Like clockwork, a retailer has leaked the box art for an upcoming Vita title.

This time, Amazon Japan has the honor of revealing the Vita box art for Deception IV: Another Princess. The cover features the main heroine Leagrinna and her sister Valgyrie, which star in an upgrade that contains new traps, stages, and returning characters.


Deception IV: Another Princess is expected to release March 26th in Japan, there is still no word on a Western release.

  • need a job
  • Lester Paredes

    BRING IT! Please!

  • Sebastian

    Wait…so does this contain both the original AND new content? That’s the one thing I can never exactly pin down from all the articles I’ve read. It’s also the main reason I haven’t picked up the original (despite this new version not even being announced for US…yet).

    • Nonscpo

      Yeah that seem to be some peoples impression, that it’s a definite version.

  • Nonscpo

    Wonder if they’ll bother localizing this one.