While we were already aware the game was coming this Summer, we now get a more solid date to look forward to for this new rhythm/vocaloid title.

This week’s issue of Famitsu has revealed that Marvelous’ upcoming vocaloid from the producer of the Senran Kagura series – IA/VT Colorful – is set to launch in Japan on June 25th.


The magazine also contains information regarding the game’s evolved elements, its basic systems, and a featured song/artist list – though none of that has leaked yet.

Are you looking forward to trying this new take on rhythm titles? Let us know in the comments.

  • Almir Alves Pereira

    If it’s released in english, I might pick it up.
    However, Megpoid: The Music left me wary of Vocaloid based games not called “Project Diva”

  • Nonscpo

    You took to long to come out! I already bought Hatsune Miku’s game, oh well just come out later this year or next year and I might consider a purchase 🙁

    • It’s also due the same day as P4: Dancing All Night, which… well, I’m not quite sure wtf they were thinking there.

      • Nonscpo

        OMG are you kidding me? Who is in charge of hiring at some of these companies, I swear they think that we enjoy buying games of the same genre back to back.

        • Actually I might hehehehe

  • Buckybuckster

    Not super big time into rhythm games, but P4:DAN looks really fun. I guess my interest in this game will depend on how much I like the songs. From what I’ve heard of the Persona soundtrack, it’s tunes will be extremely tough to beat.

  • Stefarno

    That release date is totally crazy – surely they have to delay it by at least a month or so?

    It’s even worse than all the games releasing on 26th March to get in before the end of the financial year.