What if one day, the entire human race save for a few turned into zombies?

According to Shinichi Tatsuke, a producer at Square Enix, this is the premise;

“The setting is America in the year 2030. The government suddenly declares martial law in which everyone is restricted from going outside. You break the law and cautiously step outside — what you see is a world overrun with strange creatures called ‘Deadmen.'”

Deadman’s Cross comes as a melding of two play styles; a shooting section, and a card battle section.


In the shooting section, you’ll be charged with shooting down Deadmen as they attempt to attack, taking on various areas such as the town, the graveyard, the casino, an aircraft carrier, and even a baseball field. In this dead world, even animals and plants turn into Deadmen, and historical figures join the zombified as well.

But what do you do with all the Deadmen you’ve killed? Well, you collect them and fight them of course! The people who’re left in the world are into a particular pass-time, and a TV network has picked it up for broadcast – so if you capture some, you can join the fun!


These Deadmen fights are the card battle element of the game, however unlike trading card games these ones are easy to comprehend by anyone. Pick your best fighter and aim for the top spot, that’s what it’s all about!

Moving past the battle elements, the game contains “an enriching story which tends to be rare for free-to-play games. The girl who lost a companion, the head of the circus troupe who is looking for an animal, the hacker who is trying to uncover the mystery to reviving the Deadmen, and more — the array of unique characters is definitely something to look out for.”


According to Shinichi, this is a new type of game that you’ve likely never before experienced as a free to play title or a typical console title. He recommends the game to anyone who wants to continuously defeat zombies, enjoy some awesome zombie art, and experience a zombie story.

Check out the trailer below;

Care to try it out? It should be available now on the North American PlayStation Store.

  • Nonscpo

    Oh great another zombie game, oh well somebody will want to play it on Vita. On second thought I don’t think there’s a lot of Zombie type games on Vita.

  • Buckybuckster

    Is SE getting all stealthy on us? I can’t remember seeing any news on this game being localized until a day before it’s release. In any case I was going to download this until I saw that even the single player game requires a constant connection to the net. Still may pick it up some day.