Back in December, 5pb announced Infinite Stratos 2: Love and Purge, this week, in Japanese publication Famitsu, they have announced that it will be making it’s way to PlayStation Vita on July 30th.

Infinite Stratos 2: Love and Purge is the follow up to Infinite Stratos 2: Ignition Hearts and takes place after the ‘World Purge’, the game will rely on relationships between the protagonist and the other characters within the game, relationships can change depending on the choices you make.

The Seven heroines from the first game return, bringing with them 2 new characters, Houki Shinonono’s older sister and Tabane Shinonono, will also appear, however the protagonist will not be able to romance them. Players will control Ichika Orimura and earn ‘Braveheart points’ by making choices during conversations between characters.

Stay tuned to The Vita Lounge for any further information leading up to it’s July release in Japan.