NIS America has announced a new release date for their upcoming localization of dungeon-crawling RPG Operation Abyss: Tokyo New Legacy, and revealed some new information and screenshots in the process.

Operation Abyss: Tokyo New Legacy has been delayed by NIS America ’til this June in the West, now hitting Europe on the 5th and North America on the 9th. It’s set to release both digitally and physically in both regions, so rest assured you should be able to grab your choice locally when it launches.

If you’re interested in learning more about the game, I suggest you read our past coverage on it for a complete picture. That said, with the press release issued today a list of key features has been revealed – which are as follows;

  • Robust Customization System – Recruit and train a unique group of six Xth members to venture into the Abyss. Customize each member from one of ten distinct Blood Codes. Each Xth member’s appearance, class, personality, morality, and stats may be molded to the player’s preference.
  • An Accessible, Yet Deep Dungeon Crawler – The labyrinthine dungeons of New Tokyo offer 40+ hours of dungeon crawling action with traps, secret doors, challenging enemies, and gorgeous art throughout.
  • A Unique Sci-Fi Story – Dive into the unique dungeon crawler setting of Operation Abyss and lose yourself in the gorgeous world, featuring real-life locations rendered by Tetsu Kurosawa and Oxijiyen. A gripping story blends heavy sci-fi elements with a setting to give the game a unique feel.

…and some new screenshots;

Saddened by the delay? Has this freed you up to play something else you would otherwise have neglected?

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  • Nonscpo

    Good a delayed game is always better than a rushed game. The last thing we need is engrish translation

  • Well more time to play Toukiden Kiwami when it comes out then hahahaha