We get some new insight into XBlaze Lost: Memories with new details and screenshots.

Set in the BlazBlue universe, the visual novel follow-up throws you a new twist by introducing parts where you play from a 16-bit top-down perspective, with the goal of collecting crystals while avoiding monsters and traps.

As crystals are gathered, the memories of characters will be unlocked via cutscenes (including memories that may overlap with Code: Embryo), and activating the Brain Cat icon will give players additional information via the TIPS menu.

Then, when players collect enough memory fragments, a chibified version of the new character Nobody will present riddles to the player. With the correct solution to four riddles, the player will be rewarded with raw Memory Ore.

Check out some new screens (and two renders) below;

The game is already available for pre-order in Japan, with each participating retailer having their own pre-order bonuses (shown below the list, in order and NSFW);

  • Amazon: PC wallpaper
  • Imagine: Large fabric poster
  • Ebiten: A2 tapestry
  • Stellaworth: Bromide
  • Fammys: Phone card
  • WonderGoo: B2 tapestry

XBlaze Lost: Memories is set to launch in Japan on April 9th, with no news yet on a Western localization.

  • Nonscpo

    Neat looking forward to the announcement of localization!

    P.S. Just cleared one of the route’s in the game 🙂