Ackk Studios has just released their first real trailer for upcoming postmodern RPG YIIK (aka Y2K).

Check it out;

For more on the game, I suggest you take a look through our past coverage.

YIIK is expected to release in the last quarter of the year.

  • Cheeb

    Post-modern? So that would be the future, yes?

    • BDawg

      Well, I guess they mean in the art style?

      • Cheeb

        Lol, don’t worry. I am sadly not an idiot. I was just poking fun at the stupidity of the etymology.

        • BDawg

          Ha ha! I’m really not sure what they mean when they use the term either. 🙂

  • Mauricio Quintero

    This certianly looks interesting, even tough I always tought renaissance is better, but, who knows?

  • Oliver

    This game looks cray-zay in a good way. I’m interested.