Gameplay stream and final pre-order bonus revealed for upcoming Digimon title.

With only a couple of weeks before its March 12th PS Vita release, Famitsu have announced that they will be hosting the first raw gameplay live stream of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth for PS Vita on Monday 2nd March at 9pm JST (Midday GMT/ 7am EST).

The broadcast will be streamed via Niconico, and will feature Kazumasa Habu from Bandai Namco Games, Megumi Han, who voices Nokia Shiramine in the game, Sound Prestige’s Masafumi Takada and gamer angel Shiki Aoki. The event will be lead by Famitsu presenter Bunbun Maru.The stream will take a look at how battles will play out in game against other players, as well as Digimon Training.

Also announced this week was the final pre-order bonus for the game. After a successful pre-order campaign, which saw more bonuses added after each milestone was reached for pre-orders made, it has been revealed that the original soundtrack for the game by Masashi Takada will be the final bonus, providing that the final milestone is reach.


Taking into consideration how successful it has been so far, it is safe to assume that the soundtrack will indeed to added. So far the campaign has unlocked the following bonuses for fans who pre-ordered:

  • BlackAgumon and BlackGabumon
  • Custom PS Vita themes
  • Costumed Agumon
  • Free post-launch DLC

As we draw ever nearer to the release date, you can bet that TVL will be the first to bring you all the latest news on Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth.

  • Yoyitsu

    I wish they would announce localization plans already, I really want to play this game.

    • Nonscpo