Bandai Namco showcases new characters, locations and event scenes.

A new batch of screenshots have been released for Sword Art Online: Lost Song, and they include a whole array of new pieces of information ahead of the RPGs Japanese release for Ps Vita and PS3 on March 26th. Here is what the new images tell us about certain characters:

We now know that Agil will be a playable character in Lost Song. He is of the Gnome race and is an old friend to Kirito and Klein from Sword Art Online. His weapon of choice is a two-handed ax.


We also have a new image for Recon, who is also known as Nagata Shinichi in the real world. He is of the same Sylph race as his close friend Leafa, and specialises in Magic.



Next up we have one of the best players in the game, Eugene, who is the Head of the Salamander army in ALFheim Online. He is the sole possessor of the legendary “Demonic Sword Gram” weapon.

Sword-Art-Online-Lost-Song_2015_02-21-15_007Prehaps of the most interesting images revealed is that of a new island, which is the third of Svart ALfheim, also known as the Annular Iceberg Frost Hilde. As you can see from the gorgeous image below, this island has a dangerous sweeping snowstorm.  

Sword-Art-Online-Lost-Song_2015_02-21-15_008You can check out the rest of the images below in the gallery, which show Agil in battle, new event scenes and a better look at how Annular Iceberg Frost Hilde will look in game.

As we grow ever nearer to the release of Lost Song, you can bet that TVL will be on hand to bring you all the latest details!

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    That Leafa kicking pic is the best 😛

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    Hey Colin will you be picking up this game?