Bandai Namco and Experience has announced that dungeon RPG Ray Gigant will be arriving on the the PS Vita.

Ray Gigant is an “end of the world” dungeon crawling RPG that takes place in the future where a giant is on the verge of destroying Earth as we know it. For reasons we still do not know, three high school students; Kazuya Tenpu, Kyle Griffin, and Nil Phineas join the fray in a chapter based adventure that includes each character.

The gameplay is described as a dungeon crawler RPG with a third person over the shoulder camera that is completely story driven. In other words, your party is shaped by the plot of the game. The action and battle sequences has been described to be similar to Playstation 3’s Time and Eternity which is a drastic difference from Demon Gaze and the upcoming Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy.

Bandai Namco’s producer Ryo Mito and Experience president Hajime Chikami had the following to say in an interview with Dengeki Playstation (via Gematsu):

  • Mito first got in touch with Experience in April 2012 after playing and enjoying the Demon Gaze.
  • Since Experience was busy around that time, our next talk was pushed to August 2013.
  • Since it was our first time planning a project targeting junior high school students, planning and gameplay design has been difficult to tune.
  • Of course, the scenario is an important focus, and we’re aiming for something Students of the Round-like.
  • Our systems are unlike our usual ones.
  • There will be some hack a slash elements, but the game is closer to a regular RPG.
  • The number three is prominent throughout the game in things such as the settings, protagonists, etc.
  • The protagonists are rivals with one another at times.
  • Each area has different enemy designs.
  • Each protagonist not only has their own theme song, but their own BGMs, as well.
  • Different from your standard dungeon RPG, this is not a map filling game like other dungeon crawlers.
  • Things such as viewing size different between party and enemies will be in a third-person view for better perspective.
  • Battles are command-based, but there are also elements that are not.
  • Kazuya is a very archetypal protagonist, meaning his story has him awakening to and getting swept up in things.
  • Kyle is part of a civilian militia and Nil is part of an anti-Gigant team, making them most knowledgeable about its threat.
  • While we can’t go into detail yet, character customization will be considerably different.
  • You can only have three people in a party because it’s the simplest amount of people to enjoy a party battle.

Ray Gigant is slated for a Summer 2015 release in Japan, there is still no word on localization for the West.

  • Buckybuckster

    Boy, JRPG dungeon crawlers have definitely become the “dude bro shooter” analogue for Vita. Seems a new one gets announced every week. Will need to do something different to set itself apart from the pack. The comments by the creators detailing the games features seem that they are well aware of this fact which is a promising sign. Hope it will head our way eventually.

    But I will be the first to cry foul if this game makes it to the west before either GE or Digimon. That would be sooo dirty Bamco.

    • Duo Maxwell

      Not like there are 8 of them on the 3DS, right?

      • Buckybuckster

        I know the genre is big in Japan, but I didn’t know the market for DCs was big enough to support so many titles.

  • XtemmA2

    “Kyle is part of a civilian militia and Nil is part of an anti-Gigant team, making them most knowledgeable about its threat.”

  • Alex Jones

    I’ll keep my eyes peeled…